01. Have you seen the [headlines] of today's newspaper?
02. The newspaper [headline] announced that war had been declared.
03. This is Peter Mansbridge with tonight's news [headlines].
04. In the [headlines] tonight; a Russian submarine is trapped at the bottom of the Barents Sea.
05. [Headlining] the news tonight, the federal government announces the largest deficit in this country's history.
06. You can be sure Donovan Bailey's new world's record will be at the top of the sports [headlines] tonight.
07. Sprinter Ben Johnson made international [headlines] when he was disqualified from the Seoul Olympics for using steroids.
08. The band is [headlining] a major music festival in California next summer.
09. Many people complained that the Times-Colonist newspaper's top story about the illegal migrants, [headlined] "Go Home!" was racist.
10. Philip Elmer DeWitt once remarked that some people make [headlines] while others make history.
11. Paul McCartney is [headlining] a huge concert being held to aid victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11th.
12. The [headline] on the newspaper after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 read simply, "Attack on America."
13. In August of 1961, the Beatles began their contract as the regular [headliners] at Liverpool's Cavern Club, where they performed about 300 times over the next two years.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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